• Can I add remote controls to my existing Bosch Solution 880 Ultima alarm system?

    Yes. We would need to install a wireless receiver for the alarm system to receive communications from the remote control devices. Some small programming will also be required.

  • How frequently do I need to service my alarm system?

    We always recommend testing your alarm system weekly. As with most electronic devices, they do fail from time to time, so regular testing is ideal. Ask our sales staff about the “sensor watch” feature available on all new Bosch alarm panels. We recommend using this feature.

  • Can my alarm system be monitored back to base or send me SMS messages?

    All the alarm systems we supply and install have the ability of being monitored. Ask about these features when quoting the alarm for your premises. Some panels have the ability of being monitored back to base such as the Bosch solution 880 ultima, whilst others have the ability of sending SMS messages and or back to base service such as the Solution 16plus.



  • I have existing analogue cctv cameras and would like to add high definition cameras over coax cable. Is this possible?

    Yes, in fact we have DVR’s and NVR’s that have the ability to record both type of signals, so you can upgrade the critical areas sooner and get the HD video footage required, and as time goes on you can add additional HD cameras to bring your entire site up to speed with the new technology. We always recommend using CAT5e cabling for any new cameras installed as we can use a balun to convert back to older technology systems, however when it comes time to get the HD cameras installed, the cat5e cabling allows you to get even higher resolutions and greater speeds.

  • Can I view my business cameras on my smart phone?

    Yes, most manufacturers these days provide this service. You will need ADSL2+ or an equivalent or better NBN high speed internet connection. It’s always best to advise our sales staff during the quoting stage of this requirement.