The accessories range includes secure storage holders, hanging racks, cover plates, in-ground storage sleeves, hinged cover plates with sleeve, roller door cables, rubber O rings and much more...

GT Lock External

External GT-Lock Roller Door Protection with Padlock Masterlock #40

  • GT Lock External
  • GT-Lock_Ext1
  • GT-Lock-External
  • Stainless Steel Hinged Cover plate 8mm
  • Roller door cable assembly 80NB
  • Sleeve to suit 150NB bollards -SLV150R
  • Cover plate for 90mm ground holes
  • Ground Sleeve for 80NB Bollards.
  • SDCP80 Cover Plate
  • HDCP80
  • SDCP80
  • Secure Storage Holder 80NB (Model:SSH180)
  • Secure Storage Holder 80NB
  • (Model-SSH2) Secure Twin Storage Holder_Black
  • Secure Storage Holder (2) & Spartan Bollards with BiLock
  • Secure Storage Holder 80NB (Model: SSH280)