Cover Plate 170mm Black

Cover plate to suit existing 170mm holes. To be used when bollards are removed from the ground hole position. Covers one 170mm ground hole, can be used for all 150NB Impact security bollards including stainless steel bollards. Dimentions of product: lower body that sits in hole is 165mm diameter. (designed to fit holes from 165-170mm) Specification / Ordering details : SDCP150 Top flat section that sits on top of concrete is 200mm diameter

Cast In Sleeve to suit 150NB (165.1mm O.D) bollards

Cast in sleeves are used to prevent chipping of the concrete area surrounding the bollard when in position. The sleeve allows the bollard to be inserted correctly and provides a precise locking slot for the bollard. Holds 1 x 150NB (165.1mmO.D) bollard Ordering details : SLV150R When using this product on a new installation / project, we also recommend using the cover plate to suit which is model number SDCP150 or the heavy duty model HDCP150 where heavy vehicles are used.   For installation details, please refer to the download resources