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GT Lock External & Internal (Garage Roller or Tilta Door Security)

The GT-Lock is the ideal way to secure your garage door. Select from two models Internal or External. The external type provides a protective shroud for protection against bolt cutters or attack from the front or top. Suitably installed on most types of garage doors and was originally designed to protect vehicles and garage tools against theft. Vehicle Protection or just need to take security the next level by 'target hardening' your property? The GT Lock is an ideal solution. Trusted across Australia and installed by leading locksmiths, handymen and builders. Easy D.I.Y installation if you are handy on the tools. The product may be installed on residential or commercial doors for protection against illegal forced entry. Ideally the unit should be installed in the centre of the door if under 3m and where the roller door is greater than 3m we recommend the installation of two GT Locks evenly spaced from the centre of the door out. We also have the Internal GT-Lock model which is suited to buildings with alternate entry/exit such as a side fire door or rear entry door to the garage to a unit. Product is supplied with all accessories 4 x M8 Galvanised Cup Bolts with Nuts 4 x Ramset ShureDrive Anchors SDM 06050 1 x Backing plate for bottom of roller door support with pre-punched square holes. Fully Zinc Passivated and features a hardened Herc Alloy shackle. Also included is a stainless-steel hinging pin for superior operational protection. Quick and Easy installation. DIY. See specifications tab for pricing. See specifications tab for pricing Contact us at [email protected] For tips on how to install, see the video under the specifications tab below.