removable bollards sydney

Maverick Bollards

The Maverick bollard range provides an alternative look to the commercial range of bollards.   Available for manufacture in two materials, aluminium and steel. The steel model is available in a heavier gauge steel for applications that require a higher security.   For installations that require impact rated security bollards, we have the HIT (high impact threat) range of bollards, these can be covered with a polyethylene sleeve in the maverick design.   See Resources and Downloads tab for additional information.

Spartan Locking and Removable Impact Security Bollards® 90mm (Most Popular Bollards)

The Spartan Impact Security ® locking and removable bollards range are our best selling bollards. Ideal uses include protection from ram raid style attacks, open areas such as car yards, roller doors, driveways. The Spartan range of bollards are the preferred choice when securing vehicles in home garages against theft. Our bollards offer an internally secured locking system that prevents tampering. We service Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT) and South Australia (SA) Need additional Capital keys? GB####, Let us know your key number for additional copies. We also offer service and repair for all Impact Security and Securapost bollards including replacment keys, locks and bollards Sydney.