Bosch has renamed this product to the Solution 6000. Manufactured by Digiflex

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Bosch Solution 6000 Access Control & Alarm System



Bosch released a security and access control system that has the alarm features you’ve always loved, with the access control capabilities you’ve always needed. A solution where the important features include:


  • 16 access doors or LAN readers
  • Up to 144 zones & 256 users
  • Full text menu display for programming & user control
  • Proximity, biometric and external readers, with external keypad options
  • Supported communication formats include Conettix IP, GSM, SMS, Email, CID, GPRS, CSV IP, SIA 3+ Text and Voice
  • SMS over Bosch GSM & SMS panel control ie. arm, disarm
  • Up to 37 outputs available with one on-board dedicated relay programmed for roller doors


All this, and it’s cost effective when used in mid-sized installations, yet powerful enough when expanded to handle large numbers of zones, outputs and even up to 16 access doors. And if you already know how to programme a Bosch Solution 16plus/64, you’ll know how to programme this one too!